Parent Involvement Plan

Text Box:  Parent Involvement Plan

 Cecil B. Rigsby Elementary School’s Parent Involvement Plan has been      developed through cooperation of the principal, faculty, staff, parents,  

         and other community members.


Shared Responsibility for Student Performance

Cecil B. Rigsby Elementary believes that education is a shared responsibility of the students, the teachers, the parents and the community. Student success is greatly increased when we work together.

Parents are asked and encouraged to communicate with their child’s teacher on a regular basis. Parents are also encouraged to contact the school with any questions regarding their child’s education.

Cecil B. Rigsby Elementary School promotes the involvement of parents and community members the school’s activities and decision making. Individuals serve as Parent Volunteers, by serving on the School Improvement Committee for TSIP, by helping develop the Parent/School Compact, and by helping to  develop this Parent Involvement Plan, and ect…



Safety is our school’s top priority. When planning any community involvement the safety of our students shall always be considered. Physical access to the building is always at the principal’s discretion.



Cecil B. Rigsby Elementary School will communicate with parents and the community about student progress and school programs effectively. Translations and other correspondence assistance in overcoming limited English communicating abilities will be provided as required.

Methods for communication:

*Handbook- A general information handbook about school expectations and other information will be provided at the beginning of each year (& to any new students) free of charge.

*Newsletters – a school wide newsletter will be sent home weekly with information on school activities and events.

*Skyward- With internet access, a parent can access his or her student’s grades, attendance record, and other information.

*Annual Title I Orientation Nights – Parents will be informed about parental rights and about how Title I programs are operated at their local school.

*Annual Open House – Parents are invited to come near the beginning of each school year to meet their child’s teachers, and ask questions about how the school and how particular classrooms operate. 




*Title I Reading & Math Nights – These events are open to parents and focus on disseminating parent information. They also provide fun interactive experiences for parents to enjoy learning with their children. School work and class projects are displayed. The Reading Night is a part of a week long event. Skits are performed, poems and jokes are read, special “crazy” clothes and hair are worn, all to celebrate a love of reading. Two additional afterschool events are the the works for this year.

*Teacher Newsletters – At the discretion of each teacher, newsletters will be send home with each pupil addressing classroom activities, education goals and upcoming opportunities for parent involvement. Please talk to your child’s teacher to know when to expect these.

*Parent­Teacher Conferences ­ Each parent will have the opportunity to formally meet with their child’s teacher at least twice a year to discuss privately their individual concerns about each student.

Text Box:  *School Website – School information, upcoming school events, 

lunch menu, student accomplishments, etc., can be easily

accessed by logging on to the school website.

*State Website – Parents are encouraged to access state education policies and to view the school’s reportcard on the state website.


*Results and an explanation of TCAP or other state wide standardized testing results will be sent home to parents as provided by the state.

*Student work assessment – Progress Reports will be send home every 4 1⁄2 weeks and grade cards will be sent home each nine weeks. Student work is to be sent home weekly for parent review.

*IEP Meetings – These meetings will include parents to set up their child’s Individual Education Plan.

*Local Newspaper­ Announcements, accomplishments, and important school information may be submitted to the Bledsonian Banner other local newspapers.

*DIBELS Reading Assessment – The results of this computer Reading Assessment are made available 3 times each year.


*Media Center - Resources for parents are available through the school’s library. Our school media center has available to parents, upon request, a variety of information to help them with the educational needs of their child. This includes a list of the full library holding through the school website.

*Office- Information on Bledsoe County resources and various types of help available to families are available through the school office.

*Kindergarten Readiness packet – These are provided to parents at Kindergarten pre­registration to help parents know what is expected of their beginning kindergarten student.

*Health Screening – Kindergarten, 2nd,and 4th graders are screened for vision and hearing fitness. However, parents or teachers can request additional screenings when the need arises. If a concern is identified, the parent(s) will be notified and requested to take the student for further medical help from a doctor.

Dental Services – Through the Department of Health, students are yearly offered free dental sealants and other dental services.

*Reading Connections and Home­to­School Newsletters are sent home on a regular basis to give parents suggestions on activities to do at home to help their child be a better student.

Student Learning

It is the goal of Cecil B. Rigsby Elementary School to involve families/community in learning activities and awards for students.

*State Standards -Parents are informed of the State’s Standards and student expectations.

*Awards Days-Academic and Attendance Awards are presented each nine-weeks. Also, there is an Awards Day at the end of each year. In recent years, the students with perfect attendance have been given prizes like bikes or gift cards. Students who attend to the flag are also recognized.

*Field Day may be held at the end of each year. This involves each grade level, with games that encourage physical fitness, good sportsmanship, competition, and teamwork.



Parents & other community members are invited to attend special celebration days at CBR. These include, but are not limited to Veteran’s Day, Holiday/Christmas Program, Kindergarten and Pre-school Celebration Days, Annual Grandparents Day, Muffins with Mom, and Doughnuts with Dad.



Cecil B. Rigsby Elementary School welcomes and encourages parent and community volunteers to support our students, staff and school. Parents are asked to volunteer in a variety of ways. They may help with events (e.g. Veteran’s Day). Our school also depends on parent and community donations and help for fundraising efforts. The fundraisers include various school sales, a Fall Festival (with class bake sales before the Festival), and an annual Turkey Dinner.  Additionally, parents may serve on school committees (e.g. TSIP, Parent Involvement plan, Title I Parent/Student/ School Compact).  Additionally, parents at times help prepare materials for use at school.

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   Cecil B. Rigsby Elementary is your school.



The Bledsoe County  &  CBRS web sites:

These websites have links to information about Cecil B. Rigsby Elementary School as a Title I School. You can find CBR’s: 1.) School/Parent Compact, 2.) Parent Involvement Plan,  3.) The Department of Education’s Parental Notification {Under the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA)},  &  4.)  Some information from the state that is usually presented during the Annual Title I Orientation Night meeting..

Due to social distancing policies face- to face meetings may not be possible at this time. Please know that your input for the Parent Involvement Plan and School/Parent Compact is still appreciated. You can use this sheet, or call the office 447 2891, or e-mail the school to send your ideas.

Please also note  this information is available in print and in languages other than English upon request.

Do you have any ideas to share with us for our Parent Involvement Plan or School Compact?