CBR Compact

What is a School-Parent Compact?

A School- Parent Compact is an agreement that families, students, and teachers develop together. It explains how schools and homes work together to make sure that pupils reach grade level standards.

Effective Compacts:

*Link goals to the School Improvement Plan

*Focus on student learning

*Describe how teachers will help students develop skills using high-quality instruction

*Explain how families and teachers will communicate about student progress.

Jointly Developed

Families and School employees will continue to develop this compact together. Students can guide their own learning by letting their adults know what would help them. Teachers can suggest strategies for home learning, but families will add their own ideas to make the strategies specific for their children.

Families are welcome to contribute comments and suggestions at any time. Just call, e-mail, or (when possible later) come by to share your ideas. They may be directed to the office
(see contact information on this brochure).
Activities to Build Partnerships

In consideration of social distancing policies and with concern for the health of our students we are not planning in-person events just now. The school will notify parents of future events when possible. You can always talk, or e-mail to your child’s teachers about ways you can help your student succeed and meet his/her goal. We will all be learning more about partnering with technology as the year continues.

Communication About Student Learning

CBR is committed to frequent two-way communication with families. Look for:

*Weekly communications from teachers

*Progress Reports (mid 9 weeks) and Report Cards (per 9 weeks)

*Updates on the school web sites

* (Future) Parent Teacher Conferences

TIP: Keep your child’s school and teacher contact information readily available to check on your child’s progress as needed.

Our Goals for Student Achievement

Bledsoe County School and Cecil B. Risby Elementary Goals:

To increase the percentage of students scoring on-tract and mastered in both ELA and Math.

Please contact the CBRS if you need copies of any information from the school to be provided in a language other than English.

Teachers, Families, Students – Together for Success


School/ Classroom

*Provide Family Reading and Math Nights to share ideas with families each year (in person when possible).

*Provide ideas, educational internet links, and materials home for student use.

*Maintain a school web page with needed information.

*Provide high quality instruction and curriculum.to meet state standards

*Provide a supportive effective learning environment.


At Home

CBR School Families join with staff to support student success in reading and math. *Families may have other ideas to add to this list.


Use at home materials to make math more meaningful and fun (e.g. learning fractions through cooking recipes &/or playing games).

Try to attend Family Reading and Family Math Nights. (HINT: Ask for information from your student’s teachers if you can not attend in person.

Extend student vocabulary and comprehension in the context of at home conversations.

Help each student with emotional support, adequate rest, & etc… to come to school ready to learn.

Help by volunteering in the school, helping to make decisions, and guiding the use of extracurricular time.

REMEMBER: Reading with your child 20 minutes per day is vital.


Students Need To:

Talk with their families about what they are learning including topics and vocabulary.

Bring home class newsletters and invitations to Family Reading and Math Nights.

Tell teachers and parents about struggles and successes.

Cooperate with teachers and families (e.g. bedtime & study habits)

Use a good work ethic when doing assignments.