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Fun Halloween Trivia

♦ The first Jack O’ Lanterns were made up of turnips.halloween facts for kids jack o lantern

♦ Behind Christmas, Halloween is the second highest grossing holiday we celebrate.

♦ The Old English word wicce is where the word witch was derived. It actually meant “wise woman” and wicce were once very respected at one time.

♦ The fear of Halloween is called Samhainophobia.

♦ Chocolate candy at Halloween is definitely the favorite. 50% of children prefer to get chocolate candy over any other. 24% prefer non-chocolate and 10% favored gum.

♦ In Medieval Europe it was believed that owls were witches. Hearing an owl screech meant there was about to be a death somewhere. This is why the Owl is a popular symbol of Halloween.

♦ Norm Craven has claim to the largest pumpkin ever grown and measured. In 1993 he grew a 836 pound pumpkin!

♦ Ireland is believed to be the birth place of Halloween.

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