Miss Brandie Disidoro

"Read with a child. Its the most important 20 minutes of your day!"


       I am very excited to be teaching 1st grade again this year. This will be my 4th year teacing my own classroom. This will be my third teaching 1st grade. I have also taught a year in 3rd grade, as well as having taught 2nd grade for 7 months as a long term sub. I have loved every grade so far, but I am glad to be back in 1st once again.
     I graduated from Tennessee Tech in May of 2013 with my Bachelors in Elementary Education. Before college I did attend school in Bledsoe County. I have lived in Bledsoe County since I was 8 years old and I am proud to able to work in this amazing place.
     If I am not in the classroom I am usually sewing, cooking, and being with my family. I love to sew and craft any and everything possible. Yes, I do love Pinterest and have plenty of Pinterest fail stories! A have sewn or made a lot of things in my room such as my curtains, tall chair, chart paper rack, whisper phones, and laptop lift. It maybe easier to buy it; however, it is relaxing and comforting to me to make things myself. This is the same feeling I have towards cooking. I love to make homemade food no desserts. It brings me joy to make something that people clearly enjoy and want! While I am cooking and sewing I do everything I can to make as much time for family and friends as possible. Family is the most important thing in my life.
    This is just a little about me, and I hope to get to know you and you children as well this year. If there is ever a time you need to contact me there are several ways you can do that. The main way is to write a note on your child's behavior log and I will respond as soon as I see it. You can also call the school and leave me a message with the front office. Another way is to click on the "contact me" link to the left and send me an email. Please know that when you click on that link it pulls up a form for you to fill out. The name section is your name, the class is the class or subject of your concern, the email is YOUR email for me to reply to, and the last box is for you to question or message to me. We can always meet and discuss any question or concern you have as soon as I know you have a concer! 
   Thank you for letting me work with your children this year! They are all truly amazing kids!