Brief History

About Our School

In 1964, Cecil B. Rigsby Elementary School was built on ten donated acres in eastern Bledsoe County.
  Nestled in the plateaus of the Smokey Mountains, Rigsby served as a 1st-8th primary school until 1976 when Kindergarten classes were added.  After 36 years as an institution serving 6th-8th graders, these students were moved to a new middle school in 2000.  In 2002, there were six self contained classrooms, a computer lab and new library added to the north end of the compound.  Not only was the building changed, but a Pre-kindergarten class serving 3 & 4 year olds was added.    Rigsby Elementary School (Pre-K-5) is one of three elementary schools in Bledsoe County Tennessee.   The faculty and staff at Rigsby are committed to developing well-rounded individuals who have a solid educational foundation, a strong sense of self-worth, an understanding of cultural diversity, the desire for success in the work force, and the quest for lifelong learning. Rigsby is a school-wide Title I school.

Cecil B. Rigsby is located at 8231 New Harmony Road, Pikeville, Tennessee.  The campus is composed of a single building with two Kindergartens, two First grades, two Second grades, two Third grades, two Fourth grades, two Fifth grades, two Special Education classrooms, and one Pre-Kindergarten classroom serving 3 and 4 year olds.   The building also houses a Library, a series of administrative offices, a speech room, two computer labs, and a gymnasium, as well as a Title I reading room and a cafeteria.